Cliven Piven Theory – Part 1

I received the letter below from a reader and wanted to publish it for you all to read. It is from a reader in Seattle and to the local paper. He has got it. He understands. Just because this letter is from the Seattle area it is as relevant anywhere in the country that is blue controlled. Look at all your local government and school boards. I am sure you will be able to relate. Read part 2 tomorrow!!

To the Editor:

Years ago I studied the Cloward Piven theory. Today, as I watch the people pouring in over our southern boarders I am actually seeing what these professors were writing about.

The principle of the Cloward-Piven Strategy is to overload our welfare system adding so many to the entitlement rolls that it will destroy the country’s economic system thereby creating chaos and violence in the streets (which we saw all of last year and this ).

This started back in the ’60s with the hippie movement and it broke down many local welfare programs. The fix for this was to move programs to D.C. where people are not as aware of the costs and have little or no oversight of the programs.

Democrats reject the idea that a person can overcome poverty through any private enterprise saying that hard work, education, and personal responsibility are not a solution to poverty. The Democrat fix is a government program of income redistribution soon to be followed up with a monthly pay check to everyone.

Read up folks the Cloward-Piven Strategy is in full-blown action in Europe and now we see it in cities like Seattle, Portland and other Democrat-run cities, if you can actually call them cities anymore, with the trash and the homeless and feces all over the streets.

The flood of immigrants at our borders today is not an accident. It’s a planned take over by the Democrats. Welfare was set up for temporary help now it’s a lifetime entitlement and extended to illegals. Try taking away Medicare and see how these programs once in place are here to stay.

The Democrats plan is to collapse our financial system. Hand everyone a monthly paycheck and continue to control your life. The virus saw many Democrat Governors put restrictions on their people and today we see many we cannot get out from under.

Ellensburg ( near Seattle ) is in the same situation. CWU ( Central Washington University ) has manged to get it self injected into the city council and are calling the shots on a lot of what’s happening or trying to happen in Ellensburg. I suspect its much too late to do anything to save Ellensburg from the government takeover but its been coming for years as rodeo is cut out and our food banks main users are the 18 to 26 year old group in Ellensburg which are the majority of the poverty situation here. Welcome to Seattle East!

Pat Fischer : Ellensburg. WA.

Mitch McConnell ready to preserve the Swamp!

Mitch McConnell was just interviewed on the radio by show host Hugh Hewitt on whose show McConnell stated that a group close to him and his control, known as the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), are prepared to step in and intervene in any race that they, (read he), considers the candidate is unelectable. They would involve themselves and their millions of dollars and fight against those candidates in the primaries.

He stated for a candidate to be electable, as a Republican, they have to be able to appeal to all segments of the voters!


OK – anyone see a problem here?

I sure as heck do.

I see a scenario where a true conservative candidate, a God fearing man or woman, a real patriot, a Trump supporter, a 2nd Amendment protector, a strong law enforcement supporter, a believer in a strong military, in closed borders, ‘Put America First’ type of candidate would have the millions of dollars at this groups disposal used against them to ensure that a mainstream establishment ( read swamp ) candidate won the primary.

You know, a career type, middle of the road, swamp born and bred type candidate who will tow the centrist line and agenda. One who is interested in compromising with Socialists from the New Socialist Democrat Party. One looking for middle ground. A believer in a One World nation One who is looking for power and wealth. One who will do as they are told.

In other words more of what got us here in the first place.

I gotta say to Swampy Mitch – You are a traitor and a power hungry enemy of the people. ( Don’t cry Mitch!) You and yours do not represent me!

Let’s get one thing straight here Mitch McConnell. The majority of Republican supporters and voters, at least 75,000,000 strong, see President Donald J Trump as true leader of the GOP.

Not you Mitchy or the other slime balls screwing up our Constitutional Republic and attacking we, the people.

If President Donald J Trump does not endorse them they will be unelectable. We will not vote for any more career type, wishy washy politicians who are RINOs.


How can I say that the above scenarios will be the scenario of the SLF? It is an easy leap of faith for me. So far to date they have only endorsed one Republican politician. A really bad one!!

Guess who?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

That would be the B*+ch that voted to convict President Trump in his second impeachment attempt by the domestic enemies of the state. The one who has done nothing but act like a Democrat complaining and lying about Trump.

Mitch McConnell and the SLF will likely use the lure of cash to his chosen prospective candidate choices.

One thing here you may not have thought of Mitchy Boy! PACs attached and supportive of President Trump, are busy raising huge amounts of money for candidates endorsed by President Trump.

Not your choices Mitch, Trumps choices!

Mitch McConnell sees the GOP as a party filled with John McCaines, Mitt Romney’s and Lisa Murkowskis!!

We the voters, as I said 75,000,000+ strong, do not.

We all understand the importance of winning back the House and the Senate in 2022. It is imperative and our last chance to save our beloved Constitutional Republic from total annihilation by the rabid socialist dogs nipping at the heels of our freedoms, liberties, rights and the very constitution that we consider sacrosanct and the ultimate law of the land.

We have 20 seats to defend. The socialist traitors of the Democrats only 14. Three of the seats we must flip are Ga, Az and NH.

I will end here with the words of the communications director for the SLF, Jack Pandol. “As has long been SLF’s policy, we reserve the right to intervene in cases where a candidate is a clear threat to lose a seat in a general election and to protect our Republican incumbents.” NOTE THE WORDS OUR REPUBLICAN INCUMBENTS.

They sure as hell do not want that profitable swamp drained. Do they?

Our job is to ensure it is – starting with Lisa Murkowski.

Slime Ball Mitch.

Biden is screwing America!

The secret of happiness, you see is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less. Socrates

The economy, despite glowing lies from the usurper administration, is in trouble.

Retail prices are increasing at a rate not seen for years, oil prices are spiraling upwards, ( $73 a barrel today ), retail goods are not selling as money gets tighter amid worries about the countries financial status and national security. Cars are not selling as fast and the average age of a families car is now almost 12. Inflation is increasing and I fully expect to see hyper inflation in the near future. Interest rates are increasing raising mortgage rates and I believe a massive crash is coming to the commercial property market as the availability of vacant property far outweighs the demand. The dollar is weakening and is under attack from stronger currencies like Russia’s oil rich economy and Chinas.

We look weak to the world. Heck. We are pitiful. They are all gathering at the trough to gobble up all they can steal or take from this insanity that is America today. We are a laughing stock despite false claims by foreign and national media and so called polls to the contrary. They laugh at Biden’s inadequacies behind his back, at his mental frailties and his idiocy. They understand he is pliable. Able to be manipulated. They mock him and by that, us as well. Why not? They are all benefitting hugely from it. It is human nature to take advantage of the weak and we are weak.

This Administration is ignoring all these signs and many others. Their allies, the MSM, are as always doing the country a great disservice by hiding the real facts and figures as they endeavor to make Uncle Joe seem like a superhero! They paint a picture that everything he touches turns to gold.

America. It doesn’t. In fact it is a complete opposite to that.

This is the climate that the Federal Reserve is meeting in. Their new policy statement will be released this afternoon. The countries economists will be looking for certain signs, like the Fed cutting back the bond buying program that begun back in March of 2020. Economists will be looking for other signs like when the Fed will start cutting back on the monetary support.

The Fed had pledged to support the economy until it was back to full employment. ( Remember those great days under our real President, Donald Trump? )

They may have to renege on that ideal. It is believed they will tighten the money supply.

The Labor Department just announced the CPI had risen year over year in May a massive 5%! This was the fastest jump year over year since 2008. The beginning of the Obama years. Excluding food and energy data ( why do they do that when those are two products we cannot avoid buying? ) core inflation rise a declared 3.8% from a year earlier, again the quickest since June 1992. The start of the Clinton era! ( Beginning to see a picture here? Clinton. Obama. Biden. All Democrats. )

We have seen massive unemployment through the Covid era but the unemployment benefits have not all reached Americans or the American businesses. Did you know that about 70% of over $400B of unemployment money, was stolen by crime syndicates in China, Russia and Nigeria? The other 30% of that $400B was stolen by American criminal enterprises. That is about half of it! Stolen. Defrauded. Democrats love big government!!

I wonder if Sniffer Joe will bring this crime up to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin when they meet? ROTFLMAO! I already know the answer to that. NO!! What about the MSM? Are they going to demand an investigation? Again I know the answer to be the same resounding NO!!

The Fed cannot ignore the fact that we have 8,000,000 less citizens employed than before Covid. Or that every financial indicator is bad.

We are in for a rocky ride America.

Biden is in bed with Russia!

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.
Theodore Roosevelt.

The sad reality of life is that despite the tuff boy rhetoric and talk coming out of our mentally challenged usurper President/Emperor Sniffer Joe Biden’s mouth, Russia has our number. In fact all our enemies have our number. China, North Korea, Russia, Iran to name but a few. They know now that since President Trump had his second term victory stolen through a massive fraudulent election, that we are once again, as we were under Barrack Hussein Obama, weak and pitiful and all we are good for is weakening ourselves and handing out billions of dollars of tax payer money to our enemies and their partners. Of course, there has to be more than a little money changing hands corruptly or they wouldn’t be Democrats. How else could Biden have so many multi million dollar homes?

In theory our two nations relationships are at rock bottom. Neither country has an ambassador present. Senior Russian officials are under American sanctions for everything from election tampering to the Ukraine annexation. We even have two US Marines sitting in a Russian prison for espionage. Don’t forget in March that ole Joe called Putin a killer!! I am sure he didn’t know what he was saying!!

Our two nations relationships may be seemingly at rock bottom but we are being played like a Stradivarius violin. They wouldn’t have even got away with this under President Trump. Biden and his extremists in the administration are giving everything away in a quick low price selling sale.

Let’s look at our energy policy now as opposed to under President Trump. Just 6 short months ago we were energy independent and a huge exporter of gas/oil. Pipelines were being built. Refineries opened. New exploration and drilling permits issued. States with an oil economy boomed. Jobs were plentiful and well paid. Wealth was being created for everyone regardless of color or creed.

Now under Biden, ( or truthfully Traitor Barrack Hussein Obama ) we have seen a massive reversal of our fortunes. Cheap pump prices have given way to a huge, seemingly never ending price hike spiral. Pipelines are shut down. Exploratory and drilling permits stopped. The never ending upward movement of oil pricing is having a dramatic influence on inflation as fuel feeds the economy, the trucks, trains, boats and all vehicles. As prices of oil rise so do delivery costs and those are passed on to all of us as we pay more for everything we buy. Jobs are not being filled. Our economy is in turmoil. Our porous borders a crime haven. Our major cities riddled with crime and riots. Everything is either racist or not woke. America is in serious trouble.

However, all is not doom and gloom everywhere in the world. Vladimir Putin, the strong man of Russia ( former KGB leader ) and the Russian oil industry are really excited and so happy and dare I say -rich!!!! The Russian economy is oil based and doing great thank you Joe!! Guess what they are spending all those extra petrodollars on? Yes!!! Strengthening and modernizing their military!! Supplying more modern weapons abroad to our enemies in Syria and Iran to use one day against our military as well as the Israelis!


As we become less dominant and more irrelevant Russia is ready and able to fill the vacuum left by a once strong America.

Each and every single Biden energy policy adapted has been detrimental to us but has created jobs, prosperity and world wide global influence for Russia. Biden’s energy policy actions have been a blessing for Russia. I mean, while Biden stopped our very own Keystone pipeline from being completed, he was totally happy allowing Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline to be completed. Through this pipeline Russia will sell and send natural gas to Germany. This alone will create a dependency of Germany on Russian energy production.

I guess the stringent climate change policies being implemented here in the states on energy production and everything else is conflicting with Russia’s need for global power and global influence. No problem or conflict of interest there with Joe!!

We can suffer as long as the Commies are ok huh Joe? As long as they have jobs and money, power and influence, they can pollute to their hearts content. It’s just America and Americans that must pay the price for the world. That would be certain Americans. Just not the upper echelon.

Did any of you know that in a short 6 months we are now importing Russian oil in ever increasing amounts as our own production is constantly cut along with the money, jobs and stability we once had. In March alone we were importing upwards of 750,000 barrels a day! Yes, a day. You read that right. Russia is now the number 3 importer of oil to the United States! Our own production has been cut by – wait for it- 1.715 million barrels.

Under President Trump we were self sufficient for oil and fuel. We actually competed with Saudi Arabia and Russia to be the largest exporter of oil.

Now under the official “Make America Weak Again” policy of these socialists in power here, we are retreating from that competition in the name of – Yep! You got it! Climate Change!! The Biden’s goals of carbon goals are totally unrealistic and impossible to achieve.

Russia is not going to stop investing in oil production and will continue to grow their share of our market until we become dependent on our enemies for energy. Then, they could turn off the faucet and we would be in serious trouble. Remember the oil crisis of the 70’s?

Our national security is very much at risk here but that is irrelevant to the domestic enemy within, namely the New Socialist Democrat Party. They are obsessed with our destruction and catering to the extremist element in their party.

Oh sure, crazy ole Joe Biden can huff and he can puff but he will not blow down the Russian oil industry or Russia. Heck, he probably won’t remember huffing or puffing!!

They, Russia, will just disinvest in dollar based holdings to our detriment, and they will invest that money in Chinese, Euro and gold assets. From all accounts there is now a readily available $119B worth of Russian held dollar based assets. That number is rising daily so as Biden threatens sanctions they will just move that money and will not feel the bite.

Only one winner here America!!


Putin. Strongman. Ruthless. Smart. Playing Biden like the stupid clown he is!

Are CDC Bureaucrats & Dem. Politicians Guilty of Mass Murder & Crimes Against Humanity?

Common sense is like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it. Anonymous

Today, instead of reading the ramblings of your trusty scribe, me, I am copying the writings of another man whose article appeared in Townhall. It is of great importance and relevance as we continue navigating through the BS Covid rules and regulations ( LIES ) that the federal, state and county officials and administrations tried forcing on us. Read and understand everything said. Understand the depth of evil and depravity in our governments. Share it using this blog everywhere to all your contacts including social media and family. Let them understand the depths of depravity our so called leadership has sunk to.

Brilliant Hero Dr: CDC Bureaucrats & Dem. Politicians Could be Guilty of Mass Murder & Crimes Against Humanity. By Wayne Allyn Root.

I’ve known for well over a year now that we had an effective treatment for COVID-19. Hundreds of thousands of Americans could have been saved.

I knew about this simple, safe, inexpensive treatment with remarkable results because I’ve had a dozen brilliant doctors as guests on my nationally syndicated radio show, “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw and Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network, to talk about their success using Hydroxychloroquine on patients sick with COVID-19.

But one stood out over all others. His name is Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. Here is an excerpt from a column I wrote last summer on the alleged efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine. It was written as a plea to then-President Donald Trump.

“Mr. President, this is the most important column I’ve ever written. We have a successful treatment for Covid-19. Now we need an Executive Order from you to put it into play. …

“This brilliant New York doctor (Zelenko) has treated 2,200 COVID-19 patients. He’s had a success rate of 100% for low-risk patients … and a success rate of 99.3% for high-risk patients by using Hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulfate, plus Z Pak antibiotic. He has named it ‘the Zelenko Protocol.’ It’s the synergy that works. Without zinc and Z Pak, the drug Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work as effectively.

“The other key to success is to use this three-part protocol within five days of symptoms appearing. It has to be used (SET ITAL)early,(END ITAL) before the patient winds up in the intensive care unit. That’s why several studies of Hydroxychloroquine have failed. They never used zinc sulfate and they started the protocol too late.

“Only 2 out of 2,200 of Zelenko’s patients died. Of those two, one already had cancer. The other was very old and already very ill with COVID-19 before using the protocol. By that time, it’s almost always too late. …

“We all need to follow Zelenko’s regimen. … But we can’t. Doctors won’t prescribe the so-called Trump drug. Liberals, the media, the Food and Drug Administration, government bureaucrats — none of them wants to give Trump the credit if it works. Politics is killing thousands of Americans.

“Mr. President, we need an Executive Order. Immediately. … Every sick American must have the freedom to choose this ‘Zelenko Protocol.’ We have a right to choose. We have a right to live.”

If only Trump had listened to Zelenko instead of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the corrupt bureaucrats of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and the Food and Drug Administration. That was a year ago. How many hundreds of thousands of Americans have died needlessly in the past year? Isn’t this mass murder?

Have you seen the latest headlines? Multiple studies show that the use of Hydroxychloroquine across the globe reduced death and boosted survival rates by 84%, 100% and in one study, 200%. It really works. And that’s without what Zelenko calls “the key ingredient” (zinc sulfate). He also recommends another highly effective drug called ivermectin.

Because of Zelenko, I’ve informed my listeners about Hydroxychloroquine, zinc and ivermectin for a year now.

Yet even with all these new studies and factual evidence, YouTube just hours ago suspended U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., for promoting a video touting early treatment with Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. YouTube called it “medical misinformation.”

It’s time to start asking why treatments for COVID-19 proven in multiple studies around the world to save lives are slandered, censored and banned by social media? Who are they to ban life-saving information? Who are they to label life-saving information as “medical misinformation”? What’s in it for them if thousands die needlessly? Somebody clearly is getting filthy rich on this scam.

I asked Zelenko about it on a return visit to my show only days ago. He said: “Pre-hospital treatment of COVID-19 was intentionally suppressed. Life-saving information and medication was intentionally suppressed. … Out of 600,000 dead Americans, we could have saved 510,000. The American people have been brutalized and are the victims of mass murder and crimes against humanity.”

I asked Zelenko for his solution to this ongoing tragedy. He said, “Number one, immediately endorse pre-hospital treatment with the Zelenko Protocol, and make it the standard of care. Number two, we must bring these criminals to justice.”


Wayne Allyn Root is the author of the new No. 1 national bestselling book “TRUMP RULES.” Wayne is a CEO, entrepreneur, and host of the daily nationally syndicated show “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST and the “WAR RAW” podcast.

Critical Race Theory and Hussein Obama.

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Mahatma Gandhi.

I was reading the words of probably the most dangerous man ( well – testosterone challenged man ) in the United States of America, Barrack Hussein Obama, as he continues his/her tirade against whites and so called right wing media. I actually don’t know of any particular right wing media. Maybe some lean right? Considering 90% of the media leans left ………. ?

He was whining and complaining about the backlash to Critical Race Theory when he was interviewed by that extremist left wing gay CNN reporter ( reporter seems like a stupid word for any CNN staff – more like propaganda teacher! ) Anderson Cooper.

Obama mentioned how that fictional right wing media was causing fear and resentment among whites in a “Changing America”

Obama also stated that many race issues are a result of whites failing to reconcile with American history. I wonder which history? The new rewritten history or actual factual history. Apparently he also believes that the majority of the white population is unable to recognize that they can be proud of America but must accept that the history on our forefathers was that they committed terrible acts.


I wonder if he thinks the black on black violence and black on black crime etc. in the mostly liberal blue inner cities are a result of our forefathers actions? Or the fact that a black man was President for two terms! That there are tens of thousands of black millionaires. That black people hold many high political offices. Was this because whites were unable to reconcile the past?

In his/her words his political opponents, I call them true American patriots, would attempt to block that and use it to their advantage! Hmmm. Anyone remember the professor and the cop saga? Kicked off the hate and defund the police debate. Hussein Obama also stated that we whites and right wingers do not want our way of life threatened and will do anything to stop that. I am guessing he is talking about white supremists domestic terror attacks? Not sure where they are happening!

He says whites and their media are pushing a narrative that the two groups, blacks and whites, have nothing in common. That we don’t see or hear each other. Again wrong.

In his arrogant snarky voice, which annoyed me constantly while he was the self assumed emperor of us lowly proletariats, he then mocked whites and again the Republican Party for ignoring major issues ( you know – the ones important to Commies ) like climate change and the economy which he believed Trump destroyed, while concentrating on Critical Race Theory! He laughed as he said “ who knew that was the main threat to our Republic?”

Interestingly Bill Maher, a huge fan of socialism, BLM, Obama and Pervy Joe Biden, came out the other evening on his pitiful racist show called “ Real Time,” and knocked his fellow Libtards for not recognizing the huge steps that have been taken on racial and social issues! He actually stated that many liberals suffer from what he called “progressophobia” a term he defined as “a brain disorder that strikes liberals and makes them incapable of recognizing progress.” 😂😂😂. ( Anyone remember my article on brain damaged liberals? )

“If you think America is more racist now than ever, more sexist than before women could vote and more homophobic than when b—j–s were a felony, you have ‘progressophobia’ and should adjust your mask because it’s covering your eyes,” Maher told his viewers. “The chant from gay protesters used to be ‘We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.’ Well, we did. This is Pride month and it’s not even a big deal anymore. Thirty days of parades and festivals celebrating a cause that was once so divisive, Ellen had to pretend to be straight.” *

He went on to quote multiple examples like how opinions on mixed race marriages has changed and perceptions on gays. Legalizing pot. Changes have been significant and long lasting. I hate actually agreeing with Bill Maher but on this topic he actually got it right. *

America, we do not have a race issue. Admittedly it was less prior to King Obama who did spend all his 8 years pushing racism and the MSM aided and abetted him. It was reduced again under President Trump but now is resurgent again under the usurper Joe Biden Administration.

They are deliberately attempting to create huge rifts between the races and I believe want nothing less than a race war. You cannot turn on a TV show, a news broadcast, otherwise known as leftist propaganda, a paper, the internet or any other social media and not be bombarded with in your face racial lies and attempts to instill in all whites a feeling of guilt and shame. Of white privilege. Even in our military the distrust between the races is growing. Our national security is threatened by these actions. Our identity as a people is threatened by these actions.

The fundamental changing of America is underway. Obama is in his/her 3rd term and has sped up the agenda to almost a warp speed.

As I said, Obama is the most dangerous person in America today.

* copied from Faux News. Whoops. I meant Fox News!

Anyone else remember this very gay moment? It was when pictures of Putin without a shirt on a horse and shooting were released. Our girly boy King sure embarrassed us!

Ebonics – Who thought?

I did not know, and I suspect many of you didn’t, that you can take a College Course on Ebonics! Apparently there are professors nationwide where this is their speciality!! Books have been written and classes taught! I am not sure what qualifications this will give you in life or what advantages it will give you as you look for a career to support your family!! Not even sure how a college could include it in their curriculum. Not sure why a paying parent would allow his son or daughter to take these classes as opposed to something more useful and viable in their adult lives. Maybe some of you know the answer and can let me know. ( By the way when you see AAVE below it means “African American Vernacular English.” )

I have copied and pasted the article below for your attentions and am interested in any comments private or here on the site.


By John R Rickford.

(1) Some sample sentences in AAVE/Ebonics, with discussion of the ways in which they show the systematicity of AAVE:

  1. AAVE: “She BIN had dat han’-made dress” (SE: She’s had that hand-made dress for a long time, and still does.)
  2. AAVE: “Befo’ you know it, he be done aced de tesses.” (SE Before you know it, he will have already aced the tests.)
  3. AAVE: “Ah ‘on know what homey be doin.” (SE: I don’t know what my friend is usually doing.)
  4. AAVE: “Can’t nobody tink de way he do.” (SE: Nobody can think the way he does.)
  5. AAVE: “I ast Ruf could she bring it ovah to Tom crib.” (SE: I asked Ruth if/whether she could bring it over to Tom’s place.)

Although AAVE does have some distinctive lexical items (e.g. homey and crib in the above examples), much of what people know from rap and hip hop and other popular Black culture is slang, young people’s vocabulary–which is almost by definition subject to rapid change, and which in many cases crosses over or diffuses to other ethnic groups, becoming almost an icon of youth culture itself. The heart of AAVE, the part that is shared across most age groups (although they tend to be used most frequently by teenagers) and that link it most strongly to the language’s origins in the creole speech of slavery (compare parallels with creole dialects in the Caribbean today or in Hawaii), is its phonology and grammar. These are the parts that tend to be less often diffused to other groups, and that are the most lasting and the most regular. The single biggest mistake people make about AAVE is dismissing it as careless, or lazy speech, where anything goes. As with all spoken languages, AAVE is extremely regular, rule-governed, and systematic. 

WRT the grammar: Note in the above examples the tense-aspect markers “BIN” (a stressed form, marking the inception of the action or state at a subjectively defined remote point in time), “be done” (a future or in this case a conditional perfect, a future in the hypothetical past), and invariant habitual “be” (a form which has clear parallels with and possible derivations from creole “does be”–as used up to today in the Gullah off the coast of south Carolina and Georgia, or in Barbados, Trinidad, and Guyana). It is the complex tense-aspect system of AAVE which distinguishes it most strikingly from SE, and which led Nobel prize winning journalist Toni Morrison to remark (in an interview in The New Republic on March 21, 1981) that: 

There are certain things I cannot say without recourse to my [AAVE] language. It’s terrible to think that a child with five different languages comes to school to be faced with books that are less than his own language. And then to be told things about his language, which is him, that are sometimes permanently damaging. . . . This is a really cruel fallout of racism. I know the standard English. I want to use it to restore the other language, the lingua franca. (p. 27)

The other grammatical features of interest in the above sentences are the double negative and negative inversion, and zero third person present tense -s forms in (4), and the inverted embedded question and zero possessive -s in (5). The so-called “double negative” (marking the negative on the indefinite quantifier “Nobody” as well as on the auxiliary verb “can’t”) is of course a shibboleth of English grammar, said to be bad because two negatives make a positive. In actuality, no one is ever confused in real life–no logical problems arise–and the feature was widespread in Shakespearean and earlier varieties of English, as it is today in many English varieties around the world. Negative inversion involves the possibility of inverting the negative quantifier and auxiliary (Nobody can’t–> Can’t nobody) with the semantics of an emphatic affirmative (i.e., #4 is NOT a question!). The construction is actually quite complex (my colleagues Peter Sells and Tom Wasow wrote a long article about it in one of the 1996 issues of Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, a journal for formal theoretical linguistics), but as proof of its systematicity, note that you can only invert a negative auxiliary to the position at the head of the sentence when its subject is a negative indefinite (i.e., you can’t take a sentence like “John can’t do it” and convert it to *”Can’t John do it!” unless the latter is a question). 

WRT the rules for question formation in 5, William Labov (my dissertation supervisor and mentor at the University of Pennsylvania in the 1970s, and a leading authority on AAVE) reported in his 1972 book, Language in the Inner City, that Black street-wise teenagers whom he interviewed found it almost impossible to repeat SE sentences with uninverted questions in his “memory tests,” e.g. (p. 62):

Test pattern: I asked Alvin if he could go.

Boot: I as’ Alvin could he–could he go.

Test pattern: I asked Alvin whether he knows how to play basketball.

Boot: (1st) I asked Alvin–I asked Alvin–I can’t–I didn’t quite hear you.

(2nd) I asked Alvin did he know how to play basketball.

(3rd) I asked Alvin whether–did he know how to play basketball. 

This remarkable transformation, which occurred with about half of the members of the Thunderbirds peer group interviewed by Labov and his colleagues, shows on the one hand how perfect the understanding of the SE test pattern was but on the other hand how deep seated were the systematic patterns of AAVE. What these repetitions show us is instant translation–an asymmetrical competence in which understanding or reception is possible both in AAVE or SE, but in which production is in AAVE only.

The other feature of sentence (5)–the absence of a possessive -s, and reliance on the adjacency to express the possessive relationship, is found throughout the Caribbean and West African pidgins and creoles, and in pidgin/creole languages (resulting from mixture and simplification in language contact) more generally.

Now for a few quick remarks on the phonological or pronunciation features in these sample sentences. 

Sentences 1, 2, and 4 all show the conversion of SE “th” to AAVE “t” or “d” in word-initial position, depending on whether the th” is voiced–with vibration of the vocal cords–as in “the/de” or voiceless–without vibration of the vocal cords–as in “think/tink.” Note the systematicity of this alternation, which reveals a pronunciation distinction which even Standard English orthography conceals (i.e. English “th” can be either voiceless or voiced; English “t” is voiceless and “d” is voiced, and by noting which one realizes “th” in AAVE, you can tell which of the English “th ” forms were voiceless or voiced.) Note that voiceless “th” can also become voiceless “f” or voiced “v” in word final or medial position, as in “Ruf” (sentence 5), or “bruvvah” (brother), again depending on the voiced or voiceless nature of the English “th.” Sentences 2 and 5 also show us the deletion or vocalization of post-vocalic (after a vowel) -r, as in “Befo'” and “ovah.’ Although this occurs in other American English dialects, it is more common in AAVE, and occurs in some linguistic environments (e.g. in word internal positions, as in “Ca’ol” for “Carol”) where other dialects don’t allow it.

Sentences 1 and 2 illustrate consonant cluster simplification (hand–>han’, test–>tes’, which becomes plural “tesses” by the same English rule that gives us plural “messes” from singular “mess.” The systematicity of this rule is shown by the fact that is generally applies (deleting the second in a sequence of two consonants at the end of a word, especially if they are either “t” or “d”) only if both consonants are either voiceless (as in “teST”) or voiced (as in “haND”), but not if one is voiced and the other voiceless (as in “paNT”, which does NOT become “pan'”!). The only exceptions are negative auxiliary forms like “can’t” and “don’t” which can lose the final voiceless “t” even though it follows a voiced “n.”

Finally, a phonological comment on the absence of initial “d” in “Ah ‘on know.” This is interesting, because it unites AAVE with creole Englishes in the Caribbean and Pacific in which a word-initial voiced stop (b, d, or g) can be deleted if it occurs in a tense-aspect auxiliar, as in “don’t” or (originally) in the “didn’t” that gave rise to AAVE “ain’t” (AAVE is the ONLY English ialedt which uses “aint” for SE “didn’t”), or the “gonna” that yields to “ama do it” (with no g) in AAVE. Creole examples include variation between future go and o in Suriname, bin and in in Jamaica, da and a in Gullah, and so on. I first discovered and wrote about this regularity in an article which I published back in 1974. It is a subtle and remarkable feature which is not shared by any other (non-Creole) dialects in North America or England. 

Finally–and this has become longer than anticipated–a few words on the word “Ebonics,” which the Oakland press release used for what is generally known now as AAVE. The term was first used in a book called “Ebonics: The true language of Black folks,” by Robert L. Williams (1975). It was actually coined two years earlier at the conference whose proceedings were published in that book. The term was defined by the editor, Robert Williams (p. VI) as “the linguistic and paralinguistic features which on a concentric continuum represents the communicative competencee of the West African, Caribbean, and United States idioms, patois, argots, ideolects, and social forces of black people … Ebonics derives its form from ebony (black) and phonics (sound, the study of sound) and refers to the study of the language of black people in allits cutural uniqueness.” AsWilliams noted, p.VIII-IX), the Black participants at that conference felt that contemporaneous alternative terms like “nonstandard English” and “broken English” were inaccurate, and tinged by some degree of white bias. However, the term, which flourished for a while in the 1970s (see the June 1979 special issue of the Journal of Black Studies, which was devoted to Ebonics), did not really catch on outside of the Afrocentric community, and Black English, now AAVE, is more popular in Linguistics. A final thought or two. Do I agree with the Oakland decision? Well, yes, to the extent that it forces teachers and the public to come to terms with the systematicity and ubiquity of AAVE among African American youth, and especially because research has shown that the prospects for teaching children to read and write initially in AAVE are better than they are with current methods which do NOT take AAVE into account. (See the article on “Dialect Readers Revisited” which my wife Angela and I wrote in Linguistics and Education 7 (1995).) The fact of the matter is that working class, inner city African American kids are WAY behind on reading and the language arts, and the language that they bring to school–which the schools currently do NOT take into account–appears to be one of the factors in their failure, and one of the factors which, in a sensitive and skilled program, could become a factor in their success. AAVE clearly shares much in common with other varieties of english, including Standard English. But it also has very systematic differences in its grammatical and phonological subsystems, and these are sufficient, I think, to present a stumbling block in the teaching of reading and writing which White kids, and kids of many other ethnicities, do not have to overcome. Oakland’s decision to take it into account in the teaching of standard English (note that this is the aim, and NOT the teaching of Ebonics or AAVE per se as the California State superintendent and others seem to have misinterpreted it) is a bold and innovative step which deserves commendation and support. The bottom line is that alternative programs which DO NOT take AAVE into account are flat out not working. 

Feel free to contact me (415-725-1565) if you wish further information.

John R. Rickford

PS: For information, I teach a course on “African American Vernacular English” (Linguistics 73) at Stanford which has had enrollments of 74 and 98 for the past two years. I am coauthoring a book on “African American Vernacular English” with Lisa Green (Univ of Texas at Austin) for Cambridge University Press, and coediting a book on “African American English” for Routledge with Salikoko Mufwene, John Baugh and Guy Bailey. Both should be out by 1998.

(2) For an introduction to AAVE, including lists of phonological and grammatical features, an overview of the historical issues, and a discussion of its educational implications, see my 1996 article, “Regional and Social Variation” in Sociolinguistics for Language Teachers, ed. by Sandra McKay and Nancy Hornberger (Cambridge University Press). For copies of the relevant pages, contact Jack Hubbard, Stanford News Service, 415-725-1294.

The lefts Planned destruction of the US Military.

Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent. Marilyn vos Savant.

I am not shocked at the dangerous stupidity being bought to the United States Military by its new black Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ( who has not suffered because he is black by the way! ) and the Joe Biden/Barrack Hussein Obama Socialist administration as they seek further weakening and destruction of our once amazing and all powerful military. The military that guaranteed our freedoms and liberties. The military that protected our constitution and defended other countries from tyranny.

So what has got me all riled up?

The new diversity and inclusion training being forced upon them.

This is basically just Anti-American indoctrination. Pure and simple.

I bet the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans and the Iranian leaders plus all our other detractors and enemies around the globe are rubbing their hands together in glee. This as they increase spending tremendously to strengthen their own military forces.

Critical Race Theory Training has NO place in the military. In fact it has no place anywhere in your or my America. It is decisive. It is racist. It is wrong.

Sen. Tom Cotton, ( R-Ark. ) introduced legislation to ban this communist style destructive Critical Race Training from the US Military. He and Rep. Dan Crenshaw, (R-Texas ) also set up a website for whistle blowers to report instances of this training to him.

They have received (surprise surprise) hundreds of reports from serving members who report falling morale, early retirements and what should be most worrisome, a total distrust between white and black members.

Being a former active duty military member in the Rhodesian Bush War from 1973 to 1980, I can say that over 70% of our military was black. My life was saved several times by my black brothers. Color was irrelevant. We were all a strong unit that trained and fought together and had the highest kill ratio of all military forces to that date. We were truly men among men. No openly gay soldiers, no trannies, no weirdos and no perverts. Just a military machine designed to protect the country, its citizens and destroy a communist and Marxist enemy terrorist force. We were trained like all military to kill. To fight to our last breath. Not to pick up trash or hold hands and sing Kumbaya!!

This America is unacceptable.

Reports from one US Marine informed the senator that a previous course on military history was being replaced with a course on systemic racist police brutality against blacks, white privilege and why and how whites are only capable of systemic racism.

There is also a required reading of a book titled “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo which claims all western whites have internalized white supremacy!

Lloyd Austin stated recently, just after undoing the Trump ban on transgender soldiers, that he sought to ensure the military was “welcoming to everyone who can qualify and who is fit to serve.” What he didn’t state was how the standards would be reduced to ensure full inclusiveness of all who felt a need to join up or maybe just thought they would look good in the uniform.

He also stated that the military has done a good job at diversifying itself but now under this administration it would become more open and accepting of all minorities regardless of color, costs or sexuality claims.

He further stated “Diversity, equity and inclusion is important to this military and it will be important in the future.” Huh? Would that make them more suited to pick up trash on the borders left by illegals like the Texas National Guard recently was forced to do by this Administration?

Would that make them easier to defeat in a war as those trannies may be more worried about breaking a nail than watching the other soldiers sixes?

Would the reduction in training standards to make room for these pitiful examples like transgenders make it a stronger military?

Or are they all just a plan to weaken our own military to enable a one world military made up of weak and pitiful unicorns and fairies led by weak and leftist politically motivated international brass?

Biden and the G7!!

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein

In what will be probably the most useless and pathetic G7 meeting in beautiful Cornwall we are going to watch a ballet of carefully coordinated public appearances by our mentally challenged and pitiful so called President, otherwise known as Sniffer Joe as he sure likes sniffing little girls hair!! Anyway, I digress. In just over 4 months in office, an office stolen by the Democrats, we have seen a massive wholesale destruction of the United States and the New Socialist Democrat Party has been leading the charge. The Republicans have been pretty much silent apart from a few. Yes, the swamp runs deep in red and blue.

As Sniffer Joe’s Agenda finally appears to be stalling both here and abroad, he I am sure, is expecting to be taken seriously at the G7. Trust me, those other leaders will be like frenzied sharks in blood infested water ensuring they get every compromise and free dollar they can from this very weak Administration. They likely will.

Oh yes, the press Corp will ensure to attempt to make him look like a senior statesman, to the extent of probably even lying about him. Sure, his gaffes will not be overplayed and his stupidity will be hidden as the others act like a bunch of hyenas trying to get each and every last morsel of meat off the bone!!

I bet Sniffer joe has all sorts of tax money from our seemingly bottomless pits to throw away like the sand fairy. After all, there are important things to do there like open the skies! You know, begin travel again for us ordinary stiffs and not just politicians!

However, he will be the proverbial toothless British Bulldog as I guarantee nothing firm will come out of this meeting.

The UK/N.Ireland border tariffs and goods movement problems will continue especially as we get into the marching season despite admonishing statements from Sniffer Joe who thinks the UK will bow to him. Not going to happen.

The skies will not reopen anytime soon. The billions lost weekly due to this stupidity which saw the loss of approximately 10,000,000 plus travelers going across the Atlantic with their corresponding spending will continue. Oh yes, they will get a commission together to work on it. More jobs for the boys club!

America. We are a nation without teeth, intent on weakening our international status more daily. While America burns Sniffer Joe will be fiddling and acting like a fool. The world will snigger quietly, some more openly, as he fumbles his way through this G7 meeting. Every movement, every action and every word of his will be choreographed and practiced to try minimize the gaffes he will surely drop. His handlers and the friendly MSM will do their best to make him look stately and wise.

We and the world know better. He is incompetent. He can and has been bought. He is mentally incompetent to be meeting with the likes of the other G7 leaders. He is out of his depth as he has been his whole useless political career.

Testosterone challenged Barrack Hussein Obama, Joe and the Hoe, pose for a portrait!!

Ashli Babbitt – Remember her Name.

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do. — Edward Everett Hale

Ashli Babbit was murdered by a black Capitol Police Officer on January 6th this year. She was unarmed. No gun, no knife, no pepper spray. Nothing. She did not present a physical threat to any of the body armor clad and supposedly well trained police officers present that notorious day. She stood 5’6” and weighed 135lbs. She was a 14 year Air Force military veteran. She travelled from California – the land of fruits and nuts – to attend President Trumps rally. The reason for the rally was an effort to stop Congress from certifying President Biden’s Electoral College victory. The stolen and fraudulent Democrat Party win was plain wrong. It was obviously and blatantly false and Congress was going along with it. She was a true patriot who not only served her country with honor but loved her country.

Let me paint a different scenario. Let’s look at the case of the fatal but totally justified police shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, a Black teenager, 16, who charged at two black young people with a knife. Nicholas Reardon, a young white police officer since 2019 arrived after the 911 call to find Ma’Khia Bryant slashing wildly at two other young black girls. His body cam clearly shows he yelled multiple times for her to put down the knife which she failed to do. In order to save the other two from certain death or serious injury, he shot the culprit.

Within an hour his name and personal details were discovered and were released. His family was threatened. His life was threatened. The police chief did not come out and support him. Demands were made for his arrest on murder charges. The disgusting media even deliberately took out images of the knife to further inflame the crowds.

Of course this girl who was in foster care was described by an absent grandmother as “a shy and quiet girl, who liked making hair and dance videos on TikTok.” Aren’t they always when there is a real chance of millions of dollars from a settlement.

So, a white cop justifiably and legally shot a black girl armed with a large and sharp carving knife and his life is irrevocably changed for the worse.

A black officer seemingly shot a white woman who was not a threat to anyone and he is protected. Months later his name is unknown. The investigation that took months decided he did nothing wrong.

Hell yes he did.

He is still living his life and drawing a large salary having in my mind murdered an unarmed American citizen.

The family of Ashli is now suing to find the name of this officer in the Capitol Police after Biden’s Justice Department decided in April no charges would be filed. The DOJ said this was after the Metropolitan Police Department had “conducted a thorough investigation.”

I call BS!

The family is rightly suing to get all video and other evidence released being as the DOJ had not to date responded to any freedom of information act requests as they are legally obligated to do. They also are suing for $10,000,000 for wrongful death “and possibly failure to train, discipline and supervise the officer who killed Babbitt.”

I await the results of these justified lawsuits with baited breath. Will the case be dealt with as quickly as it would have been should the victim had been black and the cop white? Will a dollar value for her life be as great as that for the Floyd family? Will the MPD and the DOJ play nicely and lawfully?

I am guessing not. I think this will be a fight for justice every inch of the way.

Ashli Babbitt. Patriot. RIP. 🖤❤️‍🩹🖤