Foreword by Fred Brownbill:- This blog continues in showing you things we can do. Looking to the positive rather than the negative. Something we can all do to try stop the continuing madness that is the Biden Administration and their extremist agenda. There are a lot of links off the post below. All are important. As always read and share BUT act on it.

Alert Summary:

Members of Congress are seeking to end the Biden administration’s lawless mask mandate for all public transportation, and prevent the implementation of a vaccine mandate.

 It’s only a matter of time before a vaccination requirement is imposed for domestic air, train, and bus travel. Anthony Fauci and United Airlines’ CEO, among others, have already voiced support for such a mandate. Tell your U.S. representative and senators, along with the TSA and CDC directors, to end this tyranny now!

Members of Congress are seeking to end the Biden administration’s lawless mask mandate for all public transportation, and prevent the implementation of a vaccine mandate.

The draconian and unconstitutional mandate began on January 21, 2021, when Joe Biden signed an executive order requiring individuals to wear face masks on public transportation. This followed another order mandating masks on all federal property.

The CDC wasted no time implementing the order, mandating on January 29 that face masks would be forced on individuals in “airplanes, ships, trains, subways, buses, taxis, and ride-shares and at transportation hubs like airports, bus or ferry terminals, train and subway stations and seaports.” There are very few exceptions to this order.

The full force of the federal government is behind enforcing this order, except when Deep State government officials choose to violate it. Additionally, the CDC and TSA have modified and extended their mask orders multiple times, while other agencies have played minor roles in enforcement.

Not only is the Leftist-controlled federal government determined to keep its mask mandates in place, but it’s considering increasingly-tyrannical mandates.

For example, the Biden administration is considering mandating the vaccine for individuals traveling from one state to another. Furthermore, Canada has mandated forced vaccinations for everyone traveling in a plane, train, or cruise ship — the U.S. and other countries are likely to emulate such an order. In an interview on September 10, Anthony Fauci voiced his supportfor a vaccine requirement for air travel, and United Airlines’ CEO also announced his support for such a mandate.

Already, Representative Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.) has introduced H.R.4980, which would require everybody traveling on a plane to be vaccinated. It is imperative that patriots defeat this bill, any other related bills, and ensure that this tyranny isn’t mandated by executive fiat.

Although the federal mask mandates have no constitutional or legal basis, some congressmen are taking action. For example, six senators and 16 representatives have introduced the Travel Mask Mandate Repeal Act of 2021, or H.R. 4441 and S. 2337. Additionally, four senators and representatives each have introduced the SMART Act, or H.R. 4041 and S. 2084, which would also void the CDC’s mask orders.

Tell your U.S. representative and senators to support these four bills (H.R. 4441, S. 2337, H.R. 4041, and S. 2084) in order to end the federal government’s lawless mask mandates, and tell them to oppose all legislation imposing vaccine mandates. Furthermore, put pressure on the CDC, TSA, and other bureaucratic agencies.

Last, but not least, follow Senator Rand Paul’s advice and “simply say no” to the various mandates and other restrictions imposed by all levels of government.

This is a perilous time for our country, and it is imperative that patriots take bold, smart, and effective action to prevent a total Marxist/collectivist takeover.

Although we provide a way to easily email legislators (blue box), we know from long experience that it takes a lot more interaction with your legislators to get your point across than that provided by emails alone.

That’s why we provide an easy way not only to email them, but to contact them by phone, tweet, and even video message them.


  1. So sorry, but in about three months I am informed by friends who work in the pharmaceutical industry that the vaccine in pill form will appear on the market. Once this form or a liquid form is developed and approved I wouldn’t doubt it will be added to our water supply, like the poison fluoridation, in the name of public health.

    I myself don’t want the damn jab because I suffer from the latent effect of shingles and have had Hepatitis, both being a live virus still dormant at the base of my spine; not dead but dormant. Peer reviewed studies show a one percent chance these dormant viruses can become active from a side-effect of the vaccine. In addition, the use of elected-abortion fetal tissue in the production of the vaccine is very much against my beliefs in the satiety of human life.

    1. The above comment was from a friend

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