Biden lied – people died.

Let’s talk about Afghanistan. The scene of Americas greatest calculated lie. This discussion is not about if we should have been in Afghanistan, let alone for 20 years. It is about how a nation made promises which were believed and then broke them deliberately plus lied about it. It’s about how the usurper in the White House blamed President Trump for the disaster that was the withdrawal from Afghanistan. It’s about how he thinks that if he says it enough we will think he did a great job of the withdrawal and that everything was Trumps fault.


Not only is his administration guilty but so was our military leadership who, since the Obama days, have all been political appointees with leftist beliefs. Oath breakers one and all. Traitors.

I want to tell you all about an Afghani family that my wife and I have met. Their story at times is heartbreaking. Abdul was an interpreter imbedded with SEAL teams and other active marine units. He worked for years for the US and was always promised he and his whole family would be expatriated to the US should things go south – like they did under Biden.

Nobody with half a brain cell working would withdraw the military prior to evacuating those that needed to be got out. Those that were promised they would be safely got out.

Nobody with half a brain cell would allow the Taliban to provide security nor surrender the safest air base to them.

Nobody with half a brain cell would leave billions of dollars in high tech weaponry for our enemies to keep.

Biden did all of the above.

Back to Abdul and his family. He knew his name was known by the Taliban and that he had to evacuate his family. He expected an orderly extraction. That didn’t happen. Instead his family had to attempt to get to Kabul airport, fighting every inch of the way in massive crowds of panicking Afghanis. Some of his family got separated and did not make it through the multiple Taliban controlled check points. He did manage to keep his two very young children, a boy and girl, 2 and 4, his wife and his young brother. His uncle who was in the American trained Afghan special forces was found and executed by the Taliban.

Abdul broke his wrist and hand in the crush as he desperately fought to get his family through. He made it. We all remember seeing that massive Airforce C-17 Globemaster with desperate Afghans trying to get in the wheel wells and running g alongside the plane as it tried to take off. Abdul and his immediate family were on that plane – miraculously.

The plane took off and went to Germany where Abdul and his family stayed in a camp for two weeks. He had nothing. He did not receive medical attention for his hand and wrist. He was then separated from his brother who was flown to a camp in Wisconsin while Abdul, his wife and two kids were flown to a military tented camp in Texas. He finally received medical attention while in Texas for the injury.

After two tough months in the Texas camp he was flown to Florida and reunited with his brother and placed in a small and unfurnished section 8 apartment in Clearwater. The family had been promised $1000 each which has not happened. It was promised food stamps. Also still never happened. The family had no furniture apart from that donated by other tenants in the apartment complex. They also take discarded furniture etc. from the side of the road. No money for food other than that donated. No clothes apart from some donated tee shirts supplied by the agency supposedly looking after them. They did however get two $50 Walmart certificates to buy the kids and his wife stuff. I guess they haven’t seen the prices at Walmart with Biden’s inflation.

My wife and I have done all we can to help and assist. However, the Government has farmed the responsibility to local non profits whose agents are either too lazy or too incompetent ( or both ) to do what I am sure is being really well compensated by the federal government with our tax dollars.

Abdul now has a job making donuts for a large national company at one of their factories. One day after he got a work authorization card. He and his brother managed to get employed together thankfully as the brother speaks very little English but the whole family is working hard to learn. They do not think we should learn their language but understand English is the primary language and as such must learn it. They both ride donated bicycles over an hour each way, regardless of weather, and try do all the overtime hours they can. Abdul has to send money back to Afghanistan to his elderly mother and family left behind. They live in fear of the Taliban finding out their son worked so closely with American special force teams. They cannot, nor would they be able to, get any help from the Taliban. ( I am embarrassed that these two guys can ride that long and far on rickety bicycles to a mediocre paying job every day and we cannot get Americans to cross the road to work.)

This family had 17 vaccinations including the Covid 19 vaccine and the other day were summoned to the Saint Petersburg free clinic for an 0830 appointment. They left the apartment early to get there on time and were kept until after 4:00pm. No explanation. No food for the kids. Then were given 4 more shots which left them all in great pain in their arms and other extremities and told that was it for now. An Uber was supplied and they got home after 5:15pm. My wife met them with food and they were all ravenous. That is not the way to treat anyone let alone a family that risked it all to help this country. They were informed they would have to return for more shots late January! No choice.

There are thousands of Americans, Christian’s, Afghans and others promised a home in America who are now stranded without hope and living in total fear. Some in hiding. The Taliban is murdering them, not in a clean quick fashion but slowly and torturously.

How will this country ever be able to persuade others to work with us when we have become a nation of lies, not trust worthy, whose word means nothing to this administration?


  1. From a friend. Former Ranger. Ranger Hall of fame.

    How true!!! The Joint chiefs 4 star generals are traitors to this country and to Trump. They could have stoped the far left and the Socialist democratic party in their tracks and got rid of them by kicked him out and got rid of it by kicking them out of our country. They did mot support our President Trump. If I was still in the army I would have beet their asses into Critical care ICU you in the VA hospital then to the VA nursing home. That if we didn’t hang all of them by an military tribunal. They broke their Oath to the Constitution from foreign domestic enemies. Anybody that tries to destroy this great nation under God should be hung.

    1. I have to agree with you. 200+%

  2. SF says:

    Biden and his cronies should be charged with assisting in crimes against humanity for their handling of the abandonment of Afghanistan to the Taliban. People are suffering, being tortured and are dying just because Biden wanted to be out of Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary just so he could have a big celebration and claim he was the modern day conquering hero. What a sick scam from a sick disgusting person, our President, our leader, our Commander In Chief. Very sad chapter in our country’s evolving history.

    1. He did that on purpose. Everything this extremist administration has done was on purpose. No coincidence.

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