Conspiratorial Traitors Huddle in Davos.

” No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” Plato

Foreword by Fred Brownbill. Do yourselves a favor, don’t just read what is written here today on my blog but actually hit the links and watch and read. Take notice and read especially the Chinese method of social credit scores – coming to your town and bank soon! Yes. Your FB posts could reduce that score if conservative in nature.

Have you wondered as I have how a foreign civilian body like the World Economic Forum (WHO) has the authority to rule over the world? No one elected Klaus Schwab or his WHO clown circus to reign over me or you.

Yet, they have the audacity to meet in secrecy as some perverted overarching world governing body to now plan the ultimate world power grab – total control over national and individual personal sovereignty.

They have figured out that the road to controlling our lives is through our health and they are going to play God and decide all issues affecting birth to death.

Did you know that they may try going for this power grab without a separate vote of the People, by simply amending an existing WHO treaty,

Take a look at the list of traitors? Obviously, they will seek to accomplish their totalitarian control through the Chinese method of awarding a social credit score based on how obedient the individual is to the dictates of state authorities.

On my dwindling list of respected, fearless leaders in the world today stands one Archbishop Carlo Viganó.

Repeatedly he speaks out against rogue evil forces of today running roughshod over the world’s humanity. It is clear he sees what is going on as a perverse demonic attack on a worldwide scale that is now threatening our very physical existence. Though I’m sure they would like to try, they can never capture our spiritual existence.

Please pay particular attention to his closing remarks as he speaks truth to power by including the Vatican and Bergoglio on his list of the ungodly. Like me, he separates himself from the wicked by refusing to dignifyBergoglio with his claimed title.

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